The Church of FI – Time Flies and January 2017 financial reports from the blogosphere

Whew! This year has been busy so far, I can’t believe it is almost March! I am okay with that though as I have already accomplished quite a few things.

A Major Project at Work

I was working continuously through weekends since October of last year. I finally and successfully wrapped up a major year-long project at the end of January. Once again my year-end work evaluations were stellar (I sound so good on paper!), but my company screwed us for the second year in a row with sub-par raises and bonuses. Guess who didn’t get a cut in his compensation? The CEO.

Even the Pope just suggested that atheists are better than hypocritical Christians that don’t fairly compensate their workers but instead exploit people and lead a dirty and immoral life.

Guess which camp I fall in.

All in all, I am pretty happy. I don’t really need any more raises to accomplish my financial goals, although I do feel a little used.


Lowered my Bills

I was able to lower my cell phone bill by switching from AT&T to Consumer Cellular. Since we live in an extremely rural area, we have very few choices when it comes to third-party carriers. Since switching, we will save $360 a year in cell phone charges, and I haven’t noticed a single change in service. I might devote an entire post to this later in the year.

I also switch my car insurance coverage to liability only, saving nearly $300 a year.


Building a Commerce Website

This project has been consuming pretty much all of my free time lately. Mr. TJL runs a small art business out of our garage. He shows his work a bit around town and gets commissioned work by word of mouth. He had slapped together a website a couple of years ago, but didn’t maintain it and couldn’t sell anything on it.

So I scrapped the whole thing.

Piece by piece, I have been diligently learning how to create an e-commerce site to sell his art. This process has been fraught with frustration and setbacks, but somehow I have been able to figure most of it out.

Now I am (hopefully) on the downhill stretch of the process and will be able to go live with the new website soon.

Then I will have to learn something about promotion and online presence. One thing at a time I guess.


Now on with it

Did I also mention that I have been compiling my taxes? So that explains why the Church of FI is so late this month. I usually try and get it out by the 15th. Without further ado….

I have categorized the reports by expense, and net worth, however many of these blogs combine the two. Hopefully this will help you get to the report you need the most.


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8 Responses to The Church of FI – Time Flies and January 2017 financial reports from the blogosphere

  1. Mr SSC says:

    That’s a pisser with sub-par raises and bonuses, boo… My current company cut out raises for the 1st year I was here, no bonuses the second year (not surprisingly) and raises were below COL increase. This year though, whoa! You’d think we made money last year – side note we didn’t but we lost WAY less than the previous year, lol… I won’t complain, it was nice to get a good bonus.

    No word on raises yet, but even if there aren’t any I’m good. The e-commerce site sounds like a lot of work, good job figuring it all out.

    Hopefully you can reclaim your weekends now that the project is over. Good luck!

    • says:

      Our company recorded a loss as well. It wasn’t until the last quarter that they made any money at all. However, in addition to lowering our raises ( hasn’t match inflation in several years) and bonuses, they also postponed payment which is also a little irritating. I wouldn’t mind as much if the company line wasn’t so damn hypocritical.
      Doing my best to move forward and not let work bother me so much, but sometimes it gets awfully thick in here.

  2. Definitely understand your disappointment with the bonus/pay raise! Mr. FE just got his bonus and it was lower than usual. He usually receives 10 weeks salary, but this year the company decided to give out only 6 weeks salary for those eligible for a bonus. Not good! His raise doesn’t come until April, so fingers crossed they don’t skimp there as well.

    Good luck with your new art site!

    • says:

      Hey Thanks! The art site is a real beast, and I am terrified that I am going to overlook something that will either cost us a lot of money or get us sued. I am being diligent to make sure neither of those will happen.
      Good Luck getting that raise!

  3. Are there alternative employers in your area? I’ve found that sometimes the only thing that gets employers to pay market value is if valued employees start leaving.

    What do you think they would do if you gave notice? Would they try to keep you (and adjust your salary appropriately to do so)?

    • says:

      Unfortunately there is only one position like mine in probably 200 sq miles (or more!). Luckily, I am the one that got the position! We have options, but would have to move again and we aren’t really interested in that. I have tried to negotiate more favorable terms, but it was always a no go. For now, I will just full steam ahead toward FI and then leave this job in my wake.

      • Wow – that must be a specialized position!

        Well, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Sounds like it’s not a perfect position but it pays the bills and allows you to make progress towards financial independence. It sounds like that might be just enough to keep you around.

        • says:

          Indeed it is a pretty specialized position that I have worked many years to attain. Eventually I could consult in this type of work but I am not quite ready to cut the cord yet. I think I can hold out for a few more years.

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