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Kid’s Ledger – Teaching Children About Money

Welcome back to the Kid’s Ledger, a section especially dedicated to cause my child future embrassment. I usually use this space to spin some tale about my child and then tie it loosely back into to some lesson about personal finance.  Patty … Continue reading

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Kid’s Ledger – Developing Financial Intelligence (and basic competence, dammit!)

This past year in school, Little Miss learned about commerce. She became particularly interested in marketplaces and started making all sorts of crap to sell. She tried to sell us, her customer base, scraps of paper and weird little creatures … Continue reading

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Kids’ Ledger – Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Little Miss TJL has been hoarding her baby teeth. Every time one has fallen out she has decided that she would rather have the tooth than exchange it for money. Problem is that she plays with them like toys, so … Continue reading

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Kid’s Ledger – Power of Suggestion

Positive feedback is known to have a direct correlation to self-worth just as power of suggestion can be used to drive results. Children can teach us a lot about the power of suggestion and since I am a personal financial … Continue reading

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The Cost of Raising a Child in the U.S $233,610 – Poppycock!

Side note: We almost named Little Miss TJL “Poppy”. The esteemed U.S. Department of Agriculture released its latest report on the cost to raise a child and I cry foul! First of all, even if this figure is accurate, it … Continue reading

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The Church of FI – Bah Humbug! And November Expense and Net Worth reports from the Blogosphere

I know I harp a lot on people buying stupid stuff. Usually, I am just referring to new cars, too much house, copious restaurant dining, and general crap. This headline falls under that general crap category and I can’t believe … Continue reading

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The Kid’s Ledger – The Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is a holiday primarily celebrated in the central and southern regions of Mexico. Family and friends gather to remember loved ones who have died. The tradition is steeped in ritual and is designed to help … Continue reading

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Gone to Disney World!

The Jolly Ledger Family is off to Disney World this week! Here was the general reaction when we broke the news to Little Miss TJL at her second (!) birthday party   so far this year (what a con artist).

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The Kid’s Ledger – The Big Reveal

Little Miss TJL recently went to her best friend’s birthday party. It was just the two of them (along with parents and grandparents, of course); they went to an amusement park modeled after the North Pole . There’s the Candy … Continue reading

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The Kid’s Ledger – Writing is hard

Little Miss TJL is in the first grade (which started two weeks ago, already). Generally, our routine is homework after school and I always ask her about her day. LM: “We have to write a lot. Journaling is hard.” TJL: … Continue reading

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