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Church of FI- Podcasts and July 2017 expense reports

I found a few new blogs to add to the Church of FI this month. I continue to be on the lookout for other blogs that share monthly expenses. Please leave any suggestions in the comments. Millennial Revolution published a … Continue reading

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The Ledger –Birthday! and June 2017 expense reports

June was a travel month for the Jolly Ledgers. As a result, our expenses were a bit elevated. Luckily, most of the trip was business related so the majority of our costs will be tax deductible for 2017. Summer is … Continue reading

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To Build or not to Build: Adding an ADU to our Property Portfolio

I have been mightily distracted for the last month, so this blog has received about 1/4 of my usual attention. In times like these, I try to keep up with The Ledger and Big Scratch but the meatier posts get … Continue reading

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Traveling Hacking New York City

This title might be a little misleading. In reality, we did utilize credit card reward points to minimize the costs of our trip to New York City, but all of the points used were accumulated during the push to travel … Continue reading

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Kids’ Ledger – Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Little Miss TJL has been hoarding her baby teeth. Every time one has fallen out she has decided that she would rather have the tooth than exchange it for money. Problem is that she plays with them like toys, so … Continue reading

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State of the Blog Address

When I started this blog in April, I needed to get a lot of ideas out of my head without driving my friends crazy. I had become a little one-note at gatherings and I could feel people distancing themselves from … Continue reading

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The Church of FI – Bah Humbug! And November Expense and Net Worth reports from the Blogosphere

I know I harp a lot on people buying stupid stuff. Usually, I am just referring to new cars, too much house, copious restaurant dining, and general crap. This headline falls under that general crap category and I can’t believe … Continue reading

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Guest Post on Travel Miles 101

As most of you have probably discerned, we are back from our trip to Disney World! We missed Hurricane Matthew by one day. Ironically, I had no idea there even was a hurricane, although I did notice it was a … Continue reading

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Gone to Disney World!

The Jolly Ledger Family is off to Disney World this week! Here was the general reaction when we broke the news to Little Miss TJL at her second (!) birthday party   so far this year (what a con artist).

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The Kid’s Ledger – The Big Reveal

Little Miss TJL recently went to her best friend’s birthday party. It was just the two of them (along with parents and grandparents, of course); they went to an amusement park modeled after the North Pole . There’s the Candy … Continue reading

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