Kids’ Ledger – Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Little Miss TJL has been hoarding her baby teeth. Every time one has fallen out she has decided that she would rather have the tooth than exchange it for money. Problem is that she plays with them like toys, so they almost always get lost.

The most recent tooth to fall out was a long time coming. I mean like six months of this thing threatening to come out. Once it did, she decided that this time, she would give the tooth to the tooth fairy. So I helped her write a note before we went to bed.

“Dear Tooth Fairy, I wanted to keep my other teeth but would like you to have this one. P.S. If you find my other teeth, please leave them for me. Addendum: Leave a note.”


That night, the tooth fairy left her a Sacagawea Dollar (and a note)!

“Thank you for the tooth! I will check my storeroom for the others! Love, Leanora (T.F.)”


Despite being pretty psyched about the dollar, the following night she lured the tooth fairy back to our house. The novelty had worn off and she instantly regretted the exchange (Sound familiar, buyer’s remorse?).

“Please give me the teeth. Take the coin.”


Note the coin she offered back is a Canadian Dollar, this kid knows the difference in currency exchange! What a con artist!

“Thanks for the beautiful tooth! There were no (Little Miss) teeth in storage, but if you fill out a request (count your adult teeth and holes) you can be reimbursed for missing teeth. Love, Marcella (T.F.) P.S. No payment needed!”

What a bureaucrat! Paperwork, really? Also confirms my theory that there are multiple tooth fairies just like there are multiple tinker fairies. No male fairies have visited the house yet.

Do you think they just visit the boys?




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3 Responses to Kids’ Ledger – Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

  1. Steve says:

    Absolutely Hilarious! Smart little one!

  2. It was actually pretty nice of the Tooth Fairy not to require the forms to be filled out in triplicate. Or, even worse, authorized by a notary.

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