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What hurricane?

As most of you have probably discerned, we are back from our trip to Disney World! We missed Hurricane Matthew by one day. Ironically, I had no idea there even was a hurricane, although I did notice it was a slight bit windier the day we left. I was completely oblivious because,

(1) I didn’t watch the news or weather the entire time we were gone.

(2) I didn’t check my phone for news or weather.

Once when I was on a business trip, I was accused of being a *bleeping* Luddite, because I was blissfully unaware that my phone had some sort of map-navigator functionality. Instead, I had brought paper maps to navigate my way around Phoenix. After realizing that the navigator only told me to turn after I had passed my exit, I went back to the paper maps. I find it way easier to just memorize my route.

Luckily, we did no driving whatsoever after we arrived in Orlando. After my daily commute of 144 miles per day, I was relieved to let someone else carry that burden. Ahhhh…relaxation.


I could get used to this view.


For those of you dying to know the financial damage caused by the trip to Disney World, head over to Travel Miles 101 today for my post Success Story: A Family Trip to Disney World with Reward Points .

This post features:

  • Total costs and utilization of credit card reward points
  • Tips to saving money at Disney World
  • Tips to a stress-free vacation


 Happy Reading!

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2 Responses to Guest Post on Travel Miles 101

  1. Mr SSC says:

    I was wondering if you got caught in Mathew or not. Glad to hear you didn’t. Living in the Gulf South I watched it as soon as it was a hurricane and especially after a lot of models had it wrapping back and heading back to the Gulf…

    • says:

      I am glad we didn’t. Instead we had a pretty nice week. I am glad we don’t have to worry about hurricanes or tornadoes, instead I just have to keep track of snow storm systems.

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