Church of FI- Podcasts and July 2017 expense reports

I found a few new blogs to add to the Church of FI this month. I continue to be on the lookout for other blogs that share monthly expenses. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

Millennial Revolution published a great post on spending habits and reducing “green and yellow” zone spending to increase overall happiness. I could not agree with them more. I personally went through a decluttering of my expenses over two years ago and since have watch my net worth double! This is such a powerful exercise, everyone should try to get down to optimum spending and ideal happiness levels. Stress corrodes your life! The number one stressor? Money problems. Take control now.

The Science of Financial Independence. Awesome.

I finally learned how to download podcasts to my phone. I am grossly behind in this area. Whatever. My first binge session has been the Mad Fientist podcast interviews of people who have reached FI. These interviews date back to 2012. They generally range 30 -45 minutes long and are easy to digest. However, the Financial Mentor  interview blew my mind. He might be a little too smart for me.

A coworker I commute to work with has started subjecting me to two hours of the podcast Meateater  every freakin’ day. Although the chest thumping is a little onerous, it is actually an intelligent podcast about hunting, ethics and history of hunting and conservation.

Not sure why these guys need to blend into their couch.

Episodes include stories about wildlife refuges in rural China and stories of specimen hunting of Panda bears by Teddy Roosevelt’s sons (Kermit and Ted), blood borne pathogens and disease transfer, a thesis on the evolution anti-hunting sentiment in the United States, using llamas as pack animals and more. I have found it educational. I am not about to take up hunting, but I guess I can appreciate it more now.

I love that podcasts are a thing now. What an amazing way to expand your mind and learn.


Many podcasts are free! They won’t even show up on your expense report, which we will get to…..NOW!


Expense Reports

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