Church of FI – Feng Shui and December expense reports

This weekend I rearranged my office and shredded a contractor bag full of unnecessary documents.

Now that everything is electronic, it seems pointless to keep every last shred of paper, but somehow this is still a relic of my pre-computer days. I have electric bills going back to 2004!

I also can’t seem to let go of my old college notebooks. I even found some high school notebook! I admit, it is fun to go through them and see how teenage JL used to think. Apparently, two of my great aspirations at age 15 were to be either a woman’s restroom attendant at the Oklahoma City State Fair or an eccentric old lady. True story.

Somehow, I just can’t get rid of these gems. Mr. JL is just as bad. He has book after book on all his former educations and professions, even though he hasn’t practiced any of it in years.

Maybe someday we will be interested in that old stuff again. We are not ready to completely unload.

Back to the office

My office was completely un-feng shui. The desk faced a blank wall and every last corner was stuffed with junk. It was the room were unused furniture went to die.

No more! Now, there is a lovely view of the mountains from where I sit, I have improved the lighting and finally have room for a sitting chair from which to read leisurely. Last night the entire family just sat on the office floor taking in the more comforting feel of the room.

Additionally, the office is the warmest room in the house (I run cold so this is a wanted (needed!) feature), which is especially nice during the winter months.

I can visualize working from here, whether it be on this blog or on a new or current business. I hope to have many inspiring thoughts as I watch the day begin or the night fall.


Expense Reports

Most everyone in the FI blogo-space has published their end of 2017 financial reports by now, which I am proud to feature in this month’s Church of FI!

I have collected quite a list of blogs that publish their monthly expenses. I like to compare my spending to these reports and try to improve where I can. Here is the lowdown on December and year-end expenses (published in January).

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Frugal Momster (year-end report)

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The FIREstarter

The Three Year Experiment

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Financial Serenity Blog

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Turning Point Money

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Atypical Life

Tight Fisted Miser

FI Heroes

Money Scrap

Montana Money Adventures

The Origami Life

Frugal Professor


All Church of FI articles are archived under Featured Links on the Church of FI page!

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing my expense and year end report! They are always a fun look back on the month or year.

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