Church of FI -Evolution and Rockstar Finance

The Church of FI is evolving. Currently, it remains a reserved space for me to babble on about current happenings in my life, share expense reports from other blogs, and share links to blogs that I love, but I have ceased to include net worth reports.

Rockstar Finance now has an extensive directory of links to net worth reports. In addition, they update personal finance blog feeds every hour. If your blog isn’t on their site, be sure to send then a line!

However, I have yet to see a compilation of expense reports. I love expense reports. They help me to understand what I could (or should!) be spending on various budget items. By simply comparing my expenses with other bloggers, I have worked to reduce almost all of my utility bills and our household spending .

Since prioritizing saving and investing over spending, we have grown our passive income. Recently, we hit an important passive income milestone. We now make as much passive income (4% SWR) through our investments as we would working a full-time job making $9 per hour or $1,440 per month.

This milestone corresponds to about 50% of our projected investment retirement spending of $2,733 per month. The rest of our retirement income will come from our rental property. We are halfway to FIRE!

Expense Reports

Without further ado, here are the May 2017 expense reports from the blogosphere!

The Jolly Ledger

Root of Good

Frugal Paradise

Northern Expenditure

Bayalis is the Answer

Slowly Sipping Coffee

Retire by 40


Mr. Tako Escapes

Dividends Down Under (Savings Update)

Frugal Momster (New*)


I am currently looking for more expense reports to add to the Church of FI. Leave suggestions in the comments!

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