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Church of FI – 2018 Asset Allocation and January expense reports

I took the opportunity last week to simultaneously buy into the stock market and re-allocate my assets. I have been contemplating acquiring a greater bond position since I have been reading Tony Robbins Money: Master the Game. Note: I am … Continue reading

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The Big Scratch – February 2018 Net Worth Report

One of my foremost personal goals this year is to achieve a higher level of fitness. I live a sedentary life….really sedentary. I commute 3 hours per day, and then sit in an office chair in front of a computer … Continue reading

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The Ledger – January 2018 Expense Report

January was quite the month! We overspent our budget but these expenses were planned. The largest expenses were a quarterly trip to Costco and a mini-vacation to Pagosa Springs. The Costco trip costs, on average, $500-$600 every three months. I … Continue reading

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