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Financial Planning for 2018

Three years ago, we started an action plan to retire in early 2021. Today we are nearly 60% to our goal. Over the next two years we aim to save an additional $175,000, invested in low-cost index funds (we use … Continue reading

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Church of FI –Unexpected and October expense reports

Two years ago when metal prices tanked, my company cut all raises to 0%, and last year we received a meager 2% raise. As a result, incomes have fallen behind market value. I knew this but I am too lazy … Continue reading

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The Big Scratch – November 2017 Net Worth Report

Holy shit! We just surpassed $800,000 in net worth! We are well past our year end projections of $784,000. I wish I knew what hashtags were; this might be hashtag worthy. As you can see, our investments have seen steady … Continue reading

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The Ledger –October 2017 expense reports

In October, Mr. TJL broke a tooth and needed a crown; a major dental expense. How expensive, you ask? $1290! Luckily, our insurance covers 50%, but we are on the hook for $645. As a result, we have exceeded our … Continue reading

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