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In Search of Purpose

I expected Jeffrey Tambor’s memoir, “Are you anybody?” to be a funny read but instead it proved to be reflective and thought provoking. He recalls teaching an acting class in which one talented student, a girl, was just killing it … Continue reading

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Church of FI – Self-made millionaire and September expense reports

The average time it takes to become a self-made millionaire is 32 years . By the time I retire in 2021 with a net worth of over 1 million dollars, I will have put in 16 years at my current … Continue reading

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The Big Scratch – October 2017 Net Worth Report

Since the beginning of the year, our investments have earned over $50,000 (earned not contributed)! That is a whole separate salary! The earnings are due to a strong market but, I insist on taking the time to revel in it. … Continue reading

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The Ledger –September 2017 expense reports

September was a birthday month for Mr. TJL. He is a grand 43! To celebrate we went bowling with some close friends. His driver’s license expired; he renewed online. We thought this would be relatively easy and way better than … Continue reading

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