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Planning for “enough” for FIRE

I tend to waffle back and forth on how much we actually require for FIRE. Save too much and I risk working too long. Save too little and I end up scrambling for work late in life for a lower-wage … Continue reading

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Church of FI- Killin’ it cooking, cuttin’ bills and August expense reports

Cooking FI-style Some people are just good cooks. After cutting out restaurant expenses two years ago, Mr. TJL and I are well on our way to cooking the best food in town. We aren’t naturally good, though. We have searched … Continue reading

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Kid’s Ledger – Teaching Children About Money

Welcome back to the Kid’s Ledger, a section especially dedicated to cause my child future embrassment. I usually use this space to spin some tale about my child and then tie it loosely back into to some lesson about personal finance.  Patty … Continue reading

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The Big Scratch – September 2017 Net Worth Report

As mentioned in last month’s Big Scratch, we had a garage sale to help cover the cost of some home maintenance this fall. We made a whopping $255! This should cover a 5-gallon can of paint and some brushes. Luckily, … Continue reading

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The Ledger –August 2017 expense reports

Achieving financial independence early isn’t easy. You don’t need an exceptional income to do it, but you do need exceptional dedication to the process (and PATIENCE; lots and lots of patience). Many believe that we can only aim for FI … Continue reading

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