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Financial Planning for 2017

  Two years ago, we really buckled down and started an action plan to retire in 2021. Today, we are nearly 40% to our goal. Each year we have been able to save more than we have projected, primarily due … Continue reading

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Workplace Annoyances #2 – Eating at your desk (Gross!)

Ever since I started working for a corporation, I have steadfastly stuck to one personal rule:  “Always eat lunch in the breakroom.”  As might be expected from a personal finance blog, this isn’t to avoid eating out (to save money). … Continue reading

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How to money in mid-life

Personal finance blogs often show us how to money as if we are starting our career life. Unfortunately, not all of us are Millennials. The Jolly Ledger is firmly planted in Generation X as are most of our friends and … Continue reading

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The Church of FI – The Heavy and Financial News from really, really Smart People

The Heavy The election is over and we know who has won (insert BOOO or YAY, here). Last week, Poppa’s cottage published a post on how different our politically landscape might be if they were guided by fact-based science rather … Continue reading

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The Big Scratch – November 2016 Net Worth Update

We had a major break-through on Betty, our 1981 Honda Civic Wagon. In late September, we deduced that she was only running on three cylinders when she went from barely chugging to severely bucking. We fiddled with the distributor a … Continue reading

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The Ledger – October 2016 Expense Report

I have many retirement indicators in my life. In fact, I might be a little obsessive about the ultimate countdown. As I documented the moment that I hit 100,000 mile on my 3 year old car (because my commute is … Continue reading

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