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Unexpected Expenses – The Friend Factor

“With friends like these…” We spend a lot of our free time with friends. Just last week we hosted two families at our house for dinner and attended a potluck. We get to enjoy the fun times and spend very little, usually … Continue reading

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New to the Church of FI – Travel links

Image Source The overlanding community is a fascinating phenomenon to me. If I could work remotely, this lifestyle would appeal to me, at least for a couple of years. Mr. TJL would hate it though since he is permanently attached … Continue reading

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Has your job made you rich?

How many people do you know that even consider this possibility? It’s true. Your job is a tool to enable you to fulfill your vision and financial goals. But first, you should probably have a vision and financial goals. Without these, … Continue reading

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The Lost Prince

                         Image source “Oh wait, not that guy.”

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The Learning Curve

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been drawn to saving. When Halloween came, I would trick-or-treat and fill my pillowcase up as much as I could, then I would savor it all year. Sometimes the stash lasted longer than … Continue reading

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The Cost of Convenience

It’s amazing how much money I have spent over the years just because I had extra to spend. I thought there was value to spending on convenience items. After all, I work hard, don’t I deserve to splurge? The answer is … Continue reading

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The Big Scratch – Net worth 2015 vs 2016

“FI Drive?” Money. Dough. Scratch. The Big Scratch. We plan to FIRE in 5 years. We have been saving and investing since the start of my career in 2005. I didn’t always make a six-figure salary (I started at $49,000) … Continue reading

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The Ledger- 1Q 2016 Expenses

The first quarter turned out pretty good for the Jolly Ledger. Due to a little extra income from Mr. TJL’s art business we were able to save > 70% of our net income. In addition to our normal monthly expenses … Continue reading

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Pulling out the Big Guns – The Savings Rate

“Now I mean business” I am not exactly sure what my saving rate was for the first 9 years of my working life, but I would safely guess that it varied from ~ 15-40%. In April 2015, I reduced our … Continue reading

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The Chopping Block – The Yearly Expenses

                 “Just cut off my head already, this is torture.” In the previous post, I reviewed our expected monthly expenses . Here we will explore the yearly expenses. These include car insurance and maintenance, car registration, accountant, health insurance, charitable … Continue reading

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