The Kid’s Ledger – Writing is hard


Little Miss TJL is in the first grade (which started two weeks ago, already). Generally, our routine is homework after school and I always ask her about her day.

LM: “We have to write a lot. Journaling is hard.”

TJL: “Really? What did you write about today?”

LM: “Curling.”

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About the Commute (and rotate your tires!)

snow drive


I spent part of my weekend re-reading a MMM’s 2012 post Toyota Prius – Ass Kicker, or Trouble Maker . The article covers your basics on car safety, reliability and a little dish on the maintenance costs. On whether hybrid cars save money or not, he posits:

“It depends mostly on the amount of driving you do annually. Since this is the Mr. Money Mustache blog, I’m assuming that you’ve learned by now that buying a new car is never a wise financial move. Thus, we can ignore the fact that a 2012 Prius costs $24,000 while a 2012 Honda Fit is only $16,000. You’d need to drive 27,000 miles per year to get that price difference back over five years, which would be effing insane.”

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Travel Hacking our way to Disney World – Part 2 – Out of Pocket Expenses

fine dining

In part 1 of travel hacking our way to Disney World, we showed how we saved $3,200 on airfare, lodging and 5-day park hopper tickets. However, there are many other costs to consider including resort fees, baggage fees, food costs and more!

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The Church of FI – July 2016 Expense and Net Worth reports from the blogosphere

bull market

What a ride, eh?

Welcome to the Church of FI! Every two weeks I share links to influential blogs, expense and net worth reports or just interesting stuff I read during the month. It is fun to share! I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account for The Jolly Ledger yet, but I hope to get around to it in the next year or so, once I start seeing a little more traffic around here. If you have been enjoying the content please share via Facebook, Twitter or your own blog! Also, feel free to subscribe or follow us via the RSS feed. Your comments are always welcome, feedback is helpful.

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Travel hacking as an asset allocation


Can I work this into my retirement plan?

When I consider early retirement, I know that I want travel to be a part of it. I envisioned traveling to foreign countries for months with my family; to be immersed in a different culture. I want to live in normal neighborhoods, make friends, and grocery shop according to a new cultural norm. I want to experience life differently, perhaps even learn a new language.

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Travel Hacking our way to Disney World – Part 1


He never gets to go anywhere cool!

Little Miss TJL turns seven in October. For a couple of years now she has expressed a growing interest in going to Disney World. I have underscored this as a possibility because, man, is that trip expensive. Because we live in the western United States, we would have to pay for airfare, hotels, food, gifts and souvenirs and other transportation. My initial estimates ranged from $4,000 to $6,000.

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The Kid’s Ledger – School’s In!

Thus it begins, another grueling school year. Little Miss TJL starts the first grade. Dare I say, this is her first year of real school? Kindergarten seemed real enough but there is something very tangible about the first grade. Homework begins, expectations rise, friendships become more complicated…wait…maybe that’s middle school. Anyway, I can tell summer is almost over, cause this is what we have been doing for entertainment around here.

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RIP – The Jolly Ledger

In last week’s Church of FI, I made a call for obits. Unfortunately, I have not received any but hopefully someone will submit a jollier one than I am this week.

I found it very difficult to write my obituary as there are so many facets to a life. Given a different mood or audience the content could have turned out much differently. If my loved ones read this, they might vehemently disagree with its message, and portray me as a generous soul and stanch dog lover. But I am not into such drool.

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The Big Scratch – August 2016 Net Worth Update

dog in blanket

Life has finally slowed down a little. I even had time to learn how to hem my jeans this weekend. My mother gave me a sewing machine about three years ago and it has mostly sat idle. The main exception were the capes Mr. TJL made out of my curtains….the things that happen when I am at work. Apparently, being a Jedi supersedes our need for privacy.

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The Church of FI – A Call for Obits

santa tombstone

In a world where our social media persona becomes the dominant force in shaping public perception, we become less known in real life. As we plan for FIRE, the focus is overwhelmingly on what we could be instead of what we have actually been. A present accounting of one’s life could be a refreshing exercise (or read!). Recently, with my colleagues at lunch, we discussed this man’s obituary (excerpt from the Hartford Courant, July 31, 2016):

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