Traveling Hacking New York City

Trump Tower – Anyone ever read the Dark Tower series?

This title might be a little misleading. In reality, we did utilize credit card reward points to minimize the costs of our trip to New York City, but all of the points used were accumulated during the push to travel hack the Disney World trip  we took last October.

This was our first trip to New York City. The town has a reputation of being fun, exciting and maybe a little dangerous. I was looking forward to seeing something memorable. Instead, the trip was a little dull.

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The Big Scratch – April 2017 Net Worth Report

Well that was anti-climactic. After months of market growth, March was rather flat. Regardless, we remained above the $700,000 barrier in net worth! Most of the gain was due to investment contributions.

In addition to our “normal” and automated savings, we spent all of our tax return on investments. We also received dividend payments which get automatically reinvested. As a general rule, we invest as much as we can as often as we can regardless of market performance.

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The Ledger – Tax-apocalypse and March 2017 expense reports

Mr. TJL’s new art business website went live in March! I have been diligently whittling away at it for the last four months. Building an e-commerce site sure is a lot of work, especially if you have never done it before.

This is one skill I pride myself on; being able to learn most anything and execute it at least to a level just above mediocre. Good enough.

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The Church of FI – Melancholy and February 2017 financial reports from the blogosphere

I write of melancholy, by being busy to avoid melancholy. There is no greater cause of melancholy than idleness, no better cure than business.

To help soothe my growing apprehension and agitation with the current administration (I still can’t admit to myself that it is true), I have committed myself to reading “The Anatomy of Melancholy” by Robert Burton. It is only 1,382 pages long.

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The Big Scratch – March 2017 Net Worth Report

This trend just keeps going up, up, up! This month we broke the $700,000 barrier in net worth! Since I can’t eat or drink my house, I realize my spending money is far less, but even our investment income isn’t doing too shabby.

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Observations on International Women’s Day

Jean Lele is a kindergarten teacher, Jocelyn Lai a Board member, Alice Kale the General Secretary, and Pauline Soaki a former Board member. Women in Solomon Islands experience high rates of violence, are under represented in parliament, and face numerous barriers to accessing financial and economic opportunities. Organisations such as the YWCA are bringing women together to make their voices heard by providing support and training on issues such as women’s leadership, human rights and reproductive health rights.
Photo credit: AusAID/Jeremy Miller

I noticed many different reactions to the global strike that took place on International Women’s day. Some lauded the day as women coming together and promoting awareness of the plight of women worldwide and a reflection of how far we have come. Others reacted with irritation and called women “whiny”. Some even suggested that women who didn’t show up for work should be fired.

Here is one of many  ugly blog posts essentially attacking these women. I encourage you not to read it, it is a worthless piece of drivel and vile hatred.

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Filling Buckets on the road to Financial Independence

“You should structure your finances so that you can leave work at the earliest possibility” – Mr. 1500


The accumulation phase is full of assumptions. Will I get a raise each year? Will I get a bonus? Will any financial emergencies come up (I’m looking at you tree!)?

All three of these have the potential to alter goals set in the previous year . I make assumptions so that I can plan, so that I know generally when I can retire.

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The Ledger – The IRA Snafu and February 2017 expense reports

Well, I am feeling pretty stupid. While developing my financial plan late last year, I had decided to contribute $5,500 to each of Mr. TJL’s Roth and Traditional IRA accounts. Turns out you can’t.

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The Church of FI – Time Flies and January 2017 financial reports from the blogosphere

Whew! This year has been busy so far, I can’t believe it is almost March! I am okay with that though as I have already accomplished quite a few things.

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Kids’ Ledger – Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Little Miss TJL has been hoarding her baby teeth. Every time one has fallen out she has decided that she would rather have the tooth than exchange it for money. Problem is that she plays with them like toys, so they almost always get lost.

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