The False Assumptions in Traditional Retirement Planning

This new item recently showed up in my 401k Dashboard:

Retirement Progress

The default settings assumed a retirement age of 65 and that I would need $11,343 per month at 100% income replacement. My bonus was not included in salary assumptions nor were my other investment and savings accounts. I took a minute to refine the entries to better reflect my actual financial position.

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The Big Scratch – June 2017 Net Worth Report

We just returned from an annual trip to Oklahoma. Every summer, Mr. TJL and Little Miss go to Oklahoma to find metal for the art business. They scour scrap yards, metal yards, antique and thrift stores, appliance stores; pretty much anywhere they can find cool pieces, cheap.

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The Ledger –May 2017 expense reports

Are these blood cells over 90 days old? DENIED!


Remember the medical insurance bill that I thought I had resolved last month with my insurance company?

I wrote:

“This month my bill was for blood lab tests to establish a baseline for cholesterol, thyroid function, lipids and all the other medical jargon. Even though my coverage is 100% for preventative costs, but my insurance company covered less than half of this bill.

Luckily after a phone call to my insurance company, (and after some haggling), they finally agree to cover the entire bill! Bullet dodged.”

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Church of FI – Did I just hit $1MM in assets?

Do you see that?

My assets have officially topped $1,000,000! Even though this milestone is market dependent, it still feels damn good to have achieved.

If I sold all my assets today, I still would not have enough money to retire on since I still owe the bank some money, but it is still a good feeling.

I would like a little more diversity in my investments; more avenues of passive income to lessen the blow when a bear market emerges.

So, I am considering borrowing more money.

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To Build or not to Build: Adding an ADU to our Property Portfolio

I have been mightily distracted for the last month, so this blog has received about 1/4 of my usual attention. In times like these, I try to keep up with The Ledger and Big Scratch but the meatier posts get somewhat neglected. I mean, hell, I didn’t even publish the Church of FI last month even though I wrote it. This is what has me distracted.

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The Big Scratch – May 2017 Net Worth Report

We haven’t had a bad month yet. Our net worth continues to rise. We can thank Mr. Stock Market for that of course, but we also have to give ourselves a big high-five for maintaining a high savings rate each month.

If you are curious about how such diligence can pay off, just compare our net worth from one year ago (May 2016 ~ $514,000) to today (~$725,000). That’s an increase of $211,000!

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The Ledger –Insurance Scam and April 2017 Expense Reports

April was replete with extra expenses including a trip to New York City !

Our time there was uneventful.

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Traveling Hacking New York City

Trump Tower – Anyone ever read the Dark Tower series?

This title might be a little misleading. In reality, we did utilize credit card reward points to minimize the costs of our trip to New York City, but all of the points used were accumulated during the push to travel hack the Disney World trip  we took last October.

This was our first trip to New York City. The town has a reputation of being fun, exciting and maybe a little dangerous. I was looking forward to seeing something memorable. Instead, the trip was a little dull.

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The Big Scratch – April 2017 Net Worth Report

Well that was anti-climactic. After months of market growth, March was rather flat. Regardless, we remained above the $700,000 barrier in net worth! Most of the gain was due to investment contributions.

In addition to our “normal” and automated savings, we spent all of our tax return on investments. We also received dividend payments which get automatically reinvested. As a general rule, we invest as much as we can as often as we can regardless of market performance.

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The Ledger – Tax-apocalypse and March 2017 expense reports

Mr. TJL’s new art business website went live in March! I have been diligently whittling away at it for the last four months. Building an e-commerce site sure is a lot of work, especially if you have never done it before.

This is one skill I pride myself on; being able to learn most anything and execute it at least to a level just above mediocre. Good enough.

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